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      Brgy. Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City                     

Company Profile

You have reached the website of the PaperTree Group. PaperTree Group consists of PaperTree Marketing Group, Inc. & PaperTree Stationers, Inc

Established in 2009, PaperTree Marketing Group, Inc. (PMGI) started as a Merchant/Stockist of Specialty / Fancy Paper. Focused on providing quality and service, PaperTree Marketing Group, Inc., integrates people, technology and innovations into delivering consistent quality at affordable price. On July 1, 2015, we added Industrial Waxes in our product lines for general applications.

In 2014, our sister company, PaperTree Stationers, Inc. was born to handle the distribution of School and Office Supplies business starting with Mead Five Star Notebooks and consumables, Illustration Boards and Jiffylite ® Bubble Mailer. With major connection with paper companies in Europe, North America and Asia, PaperTree Marketing Group, Inc. seeks to consistently upgrade its products and services according to world standards. Aiming to continually introduce new products and adjusts market prices to meet the evolving needs of its customers; our products are sourced for their eco-friendly process, recycled contents and forest sustainability.

PaperTree Group is located at 425 Gomezville Street, Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines.  While the company may be new in the industry, the management and staff have been immersed for more than 20 years in the Philippine paper industry.

PaperTree Group will take on the new challenges of the Philippine market with more trend-setting new products and strive to provide excellent level customer services there is.






Company Mission: To be the first name that comes to mind of our customers and suppliers for quality, service and value for money for paper and wax based products and protective packaging in the Philippines.

Company Vision: We will be known to be one of the active distributors of Fancy Paper, Office & School Supplies, Industrial Waxes and Protective Packaging Products by 2020.

Our Staff: We train our staff to be professional, service oriented, with high moral values and knowledgeable in our products and everyday dealings with our customers in and out of the company.

Our Products: Our products meet the international quality standards in protecting the environment and also for customer’s end-use. In case of substandard quality, we will replace them similar or same product grade. We will strive to continuously bring quality and affordable products and services from the world to the Philippine market.

Our Customers: We will strive to continuously improve our customer service in all aspects of our business. We aim to cultivate and maintain “Customers for Life”. 

Our Company: Our company will evolve, improve and adapt new products, practices and technologies to meet the needs and requirements of our customers without compromising our integrity for the development of our community and our country.